Tips to keep your home free from pests

Those stupid ants bothering you while youre cooking in the kitchen? Worried malaria carrying mosquitos might reach and infect your child? Termites eating up your newly bought aesthetic wooden furniture? Dont you worry, this article will help you solve your problem with those pesky insects! 


Tip #1: Keep your kitchen neat! 

A clean kitchen is a pest-free kitchen. Crumbs and left-overs are like a big buffet for ants. Who would say no to delicious gigantic chunks of fried chicken, sweet steak sauce and grinded sweet and sour pork mixed in pasta? If Im an ant, and a huge amount of delicious food was right in front of me, I wouldnt say no to it! So thats why you should keep your kitchen counter and floors clean. Let these ants find food elsewhere! 


Tip #2: Throw away and get rid of standing water 

Still standing water are water build up and exposed. These waters are the main breeding area for mosquitos. Get rid of it so that the eggs of the mosquitos will not develop and turn into more pests that can potentially be a carrier of life-threatening diseases like malaria and dengue. 


Tip #3: Keep your firewood in a remote area 

Termites are a big problem, they are very small, like ants thats why its also quite hard trying to get rid of them. It is suggested to store your firewood in a remote area 5 feet or more away from your house and shed. Its also recommended to put them up in racks so that the termites wont be able to climb the racks properly before reaching the firewood. 


Tip #4: Call for a Pest Control Service 

If its all too much and you just cant deal with all of these pests anymore, you can try reaching out to a pest control service. With this for sure your entire home would be free from pests however this is only a one time thing, and you should only resort to this if its really already in the worst possible case scenario.  



Tip #5: Block the pests from entering your house 

This may be the simplest and most effective way of keeping pests out of your home. Don’t want them pests feasting on your kids, left overs and furniture? Don’t let them in. Simple and easy! How you ask? With Port St Lucie Rescreening, they can give a thorough inspection on your home and provide you suggestions that would fit your issue with pests and also considering the other factors that may affect your home when you get screens installed on your windows, doors and porch. You can also avail their pool enclosure if you’re also having trouble with pests taking a swim together with you. With Port St Lucie Rescreening Pool Screen Enclosure, you can guarantee a clean, protected and safe pool for you and your kids. Full Screen Port St Lucie Rescreening pool enclosure also offers screening rescue if you have sunrooms also called Florida rooms.  


Keep the pests away!