Carpet Cleaning after Holiday Season

No matter how dirty your carpets can be, there are professional carpet cleaning service providers that are willing to help you in any way they can. Since there are carpet cleaning teams that are interested in helping your life become a lot easier during holidays, the following are some of the tips on how to remove common carpet stains with the help of a professional carpet cleaning Ogden service provider:

1. Drinks

There’s nothing like spoiling your beloved carpets with spills of drinks such as wine and soft drink. If this occurs, blot the spot with a dry cloth or tissue in order to absorb the liquid. Once done, you now can carefully clean the spot with dishwashing liquid and warm water. Another step is to mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with a cup of water and then apply it onto the area. Once the stains are totally removed, wash the spot with cold water, then blot it dry. For coffee or tea stain, rub a few drops of beer on your carpet. Repeat as needed.

2. Food Spills

For little spills, you may use baby wet wipes to clean and wipe the stain area. For strong or larger stains such as chocolate or ketchup, use a cloth soaked in white vinegar and then put it onto the stained area. Repeat this step many times until the stain is completely removed. Another alternative method is to use an ammonia solution prior to applying white vinegar. However, make sure to try ammonia in a small area first before doing an actual application.

3. Oil

In order to get rid of an oil spill on your carpet, put paper towels over the spill and then iron it in a warm setting. Afterwards, the oil will adhere onto the paper towel that can then be cleaned and wiped. On the other hand, for strong or larger spills, sprinkle cornstarch or baking soda over the stained area. Rub the spot with the use of a dry cloth so that the substance can penetrate deep into your carpet. Allow it to stay for at least fifteen minutes. Vacuum the stained spot thoroughly and wash using a dishwashing liquid.

4. Gum and Wax

Removing gum and wax from your precious carpet without causing any damage to its fiber is a very tricky task. For this, freeze the gum or wax using ice. Once the gum or wax is frozen, gently pull it out from your carpet’s fiber with the use of a blunt object such as a spoon. If there’s any water residue left, blot your carpet using a dry towel. Then, vacuum it thoroughly.

5. Bad Smell

In order to get rid of the bad smell from your carpet, sprinkle a handful of baking soda or cornstarch onto your carpet. Allow it to sink in for a long period of time, like one whole night. Then, vacuum your carpet thoroughly to get rid of the powder residue. Baking soda or cornstarch has the ability to absorb bad odor without leaving any smell of its own.

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